With interactive exhibits and immersive program experiences, SparkLab is where you can follow your curiosity and bring out your inner scientist as you question, investigate and wonder about your everyday world. Think creatively as you design in the Maker Space, get up close to experiments in the Science Bar and experience the wonder of our changing world with Science on a Sphere.

As you play and investigate in SparkLab, you are using lots of the same skills that scientists, engineers and mathematicians use in their everyday.

Explore your curiosity as you play with the exhibits.
Ask questions, test out your ideas and make observations of what is happening.
Design, build and make creations using your imagination.
Share your thinking with others and build on new ideas and questions.
Apply these STEM skills in SparkLab and later in your everyday world.

A discounted ticket is offered to booked schools and groups with 10+ paying visitors.

Schools and Children’s Groups

SparkLab is targeted at schools and groups with children 6 – 13 years (Prep – Year 8). A discounted ticket of $10 per child is available for booked groups:

  • School group (Prep – Year 12)
  • Children’s group (children aged 15 years and under).

View resources for curriculum links, learning resources, and an exhibition guide and map.

Visit Planning and Booking your visit for full ticket details, free adult ratios, group sizes, planning information and making a booking.

If visiting the rest of the museum, maximise learning opportunities by exploring information for teachers and group leaders about making the most of your museum visit.

Adult Groups

Adult groups including tertiary groups are offered a discounted ticket. Interactive exhibits have a strong appeal for all ages. Visit Tickets for details and bookings.

Teacher and Supervisor Free Visit

Teachers and supervisors are invited to have a preview prior to their visit, for planning preparation and to make the most of their group’s learning experience.

Contact the Bookings Officer on email education@qm.qld.gov.au or phone (07) 3153 4401 for more information and to arrange your free entry.