Queensland Museum and SparkLab welcomes all visitors. Click here for more information on accessibility and to download useful sensory resources for your visit.  

Sensory Friendly Sessions

Our Sensory Friendly Sessions are where we make accommodations to support visitors who prefer a quieter, sensory-friendly experience. Sensory Friendly Sessions are scheduled for the below dates. Find more information about our sensory sessions and book here. 

  • Saturday 23 July 2022 8.15am – 10.15am.
  • Saturday 22 October 2022 8.15am – 10.15am.
  • Thursday 15 December 2022 3:30pm – 6pm.

Quieter times and sensory resources

SparkLab is an interactive, accessible space for all visitors. Peak visitation times are weekdays 9:40 am to 2:00 pm, Sundays and Queensland school holidays. February is also the quietest month.

A visit to SparkLab can be a confronting place for sensitive visitors. Use the SparkLab social story as part of your student or child's visit preparation. Use our map of high sensory spaces and exhibits to plan a visit to suit your student or child. You can borrow a laminated copy of the map from SparkLab entry or you can download your own.

Teachers can arrange a free preview to plan for their class visit and carers can ask to enter SparkLab and assess the experience, prior to purchasing tickets. 

SparkLab sensory friendly map
SparkLab social story

If you have further questions about accessibility, please ask any of our staff members or via:


Accessible parking can be found on the lower level of the Queensland Museum car park. Lifts from the car park to the Level 2 main entrance will connect you with lifts to other levels of the building.

Wheelchair Access

All entrances and areas in the museum are wheelchair accessible.

There are lifts located on all levels to take you to the entry of SparkLab.

You can borrow a wheelchair for use within the museum from the Cloakroom in the foyer on Level 2. They are free of charge and subject to availability. Motorised wheelchairs are permitted in the exhibition.


There are single user/accessible toilets on Level 0 and Level 2 in the museum, as well as in Café Muse and SparkLab. There is a Family Room on Level 0 and Level 2 with fold down change table also available in the toilets on Level 1 and in SparkLab.


We offer a free WiFi service for public use. This free WiFi service is available 7 days a week, to all visitors who have a WiFi enabled device, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

To connect to the service search your WiFi networks then select 'Museum Free WiFi' and read and accept the Terms & Conditions. No login is required.

Museum Free WiFi coverage is available throughout the Queensland Museum building, including Café Muse and the Whale Mall.

Service Animals

We welcome service dogs, however in the interest of a safe and healthy visit for all guests and the protection of our state’s historical collection we ask you leave all other animals at home.


SparkLab contains exhibits that have high voltage causing a strong electromagnetic field, and flashing lights that may affect some medical conditions.