Current Programs 

Get up close with live science experiments and explorations where the audience get to ask questions, predict outcomes and direct part of the investigation. These drop-in Science Bar programs are short, intimate experiences that are tailored to the audience.

Science Bar is included as part of your SparkLab ticket.

The Science Bar program changes daily and program topics are listed on the digital screen near the Science Bar.
Programs are shown at 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm

Going down hill

Do all things tumble in the same way when moving down a slope? Select different materials and choose the angle of the slope as you investigate how we can change the way things move. 

Good vibrations

How can changing properties change the pitch and volume of the sounds we make? Let's make some noise at the Science Bar as you test out your ideas. 

Under pressure

What would a marshmallow look like in the vacuum of outer space? Use your science skills to predict and explore how changing air pressure can lead to observable changes in a variety of objects.

Melting moments

Things are heating up at the Science Bar. Test our your ideas for changing solids into liquids. How do different materials compare? What can you do to affect the rate of change?

Science Bar colour change

Will it float?

Which substances will you choose to go head-to-head in the float tank? Join us at the Science Bar as we explore the mysteries of density and discover together what features make substances sink or float?

Snap, crackle, watt?

Have you ever been zapped by a door handle or had your hair stand up on a trampoline? What materials will you select to create static electricity and how can you use it to make something move? 

Mix master

Mixing two or more chemicals together can sometimes lead to surprising outcomes. Use your science skills to see what changes might happen. What will you decide to mix together?

Lights, colour, action!

How can we use light and colour to change the way something looks? What happens if we mix different colours together or if we block colours of light? Lead the investigation as we explore the wonders of our colourful world.

Soapy and sour

Things are not always as they seem… Can you help us use science, chemicals, universal indicator and colour matching to solve a mystery?