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Get up close with live science experiments and demonstrations where the audience get to ask questions, predict outcomes and direct part of the investigation. These drop-in Science Bar programs are short, intimate experiences that are tailored to the audience.

Science Bar is included as part of your SparkLab ticket.

The Science Bar program changes daily and program topics are listed on the digital screen near the Science Bar.
9:50am, 10:45am, 11:45am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 2:45pm, 3:45pm

Science Bar colour changeUnder pressure

What would a marshmallow look like in the vacuum of outer space? Use your science skills to predict and explore how changing air pressure can lead to observable changes in a variety of objects.

Will it float?

Does a humble potato sink or float? Use your inquiry skills to help us explore the surprising science of density. 

Up in flames

How can a piece of paper survive a naked flame? Use your science skills of questioning and observation to discover how different things burn and how we can stop things from burning.

Human circuits

How many humans does it take to turn on a light bulb? Use your inquiry skills to investigate how electricity flows through different objects, and make a giant human circuit!

Lights, Colours, Action!

How can we use light and colours to change the way things look? Choose to split light, mix light and block light in this colourful science investigation.  

Mix master

Mixing two chemicals together can sometimes lead to surprising changes. Choose from the range of items available and predict and observe what happens.

Soapy and sour

Things are not always as they seem… Can you help us use science, chemicals, universal indicator and colour matching to solve a mystery?